In 2013 I moved to Los Angeles to work in the film industry. I lived there for about 2 years and in that time I had the opportunity to be the lead producer for a web-series, production secretary on a feature film by Coatwolf Productions, editor of a music video for Small Leaks Sink Ships, key production assistant on an AFI thesis film and a plethora of other jobs on various video projects. Below are some examples of my work, including short blurbs about the videos and my role in their production.

The best gig I've ever had, and the hardest I've ever worked, was for the new feature film from Coatwolf Productions. It's called, "Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins". The opportunity to work on the movie was the entire reason that I relocated to California in the first place. I was the production secretary for the entirety of pre-production and principal photography. This job title is quite a bit better than key PA. Essentially, I was in charge of directly assisting the producers with absolutely anything they needed...and, on the rare occasion that they didn't need me for five minutes, I would end up helping out any other crew member I could find or going out of runs to purchase any random item that the production needed...anything to keep on schedule and save money! Aside from working with the producers in the production office, I was also given the role of, Tatsui Twin A. That's right, I'm an actor now! Okay, not exactly, but I do have an official acting credit on my IMDB page...


If you want more from my time with Coatwolf, you can view my pictures from the shoot in the "Photos: Production" section of this site. You can also see shots and read stories from my time on set, as a part of my VSCO Journal entry, "My Time with Coatwolf".

In September of 2013, I began working as lead producer for the comedy web-series, The Pedro Channel. Every other week, TPC releases a comedy short film via YouTube. The series was created by a young actor named, Pedro Correa, who also writes, directs, edits and stars in the series.

I met Pedro when we both started worked as video editors at a small video production/voice over studio in West Hollywood. Pedro had just turned eighteen, but had already been shooting, editing and releasing his own online videos for the previous six years. Shortly after meeting, Pedro and I decided to team up and that is when I officially became the lead producer of The Pedro Channel.

"Mobster's First Day"
Job Title: *Producer / Location Sound / Still Photographer*
This is a character driven, narrative comedy short. It was shot with a very minimal crew, using only the pre-existing light source at the location. Our DP, Zach Frankart, used a Canon MKIII to capture the scene.

Job Title*Producer / Co-Star / Still Photographer*
This was the first narrative comedy short that we shot for TPC in 2013. I had only recently joined on as lead producer. I used my contacts from recent film work, to hire a DP (Diesel Pfingsten) and sound man (Matt Cooper) who had their own equipment. We shot this on our DP's Black Magic Cinema Camera.

"DJ FUBU - The Poor Decision Mob"
Job Title*Producer / Co-Star / Still Photographer*
The introduction to the infamous star, DJ Fubu! This video is a parody music video, making fun of "a certain type of rapper". We went all out and rented snakes and paid an actress/model to twerk on camera. It was definitely exciting, especially when Pedro freaked out because he had the snake(s) on his shoulders.

"World's Scariest Haunted House"
Job Title*Producer / Co-Star / Location Sound / Still Photographer*
This was TPC's Halloween video. This short is a parody of an advertisement for a haunted house, only this time, instead of ghosts and goblins, it's your roommates inability to do the dishes that scares the life out of you! Our friend and camera-woman, Alex Wolf, shot this on a Canon MKIII.

"Lazy Guy Guide - How to Kiss w/ Lauren Francesca"
Job Title*Producer / Still Photographer*
We tried something a little different for this one. We were attempting to appeal to a younger audience. We reached out to Lauren Francesca and asked her to be a guest star. The video is about how to get your first kiss on a date. It starts out relatively wholesome, but Pedro couldn't resist using a blow-up doll and making it super awkward. The Ohio boys, Zach Frankart & Johnny Hochstetler, shot this for us on their pair of Canon MKIIIs.

"Techgasm - Apple Watch"
Job Title*Producer / Still Photographer*
We released this short clip right after the announcement of the Apple Watch. It's a simple video, poking fun at Apple and their new, "revolutionary" watch. We just wanted to make some techies angry!


In 2013, I cut together a live performance video for my good friends and former management clients, Small Leaks Sink Ships. The footage was shot by a friend of the band, so the footage I received was very shaky and the videographer was constantly changing his position on stage, so the footage was rarely in-focus and very difficult to watch. My task was to take what I had and make an enjoyable viewing experience of a live concert. So, I overlapped much of the footage and turned a simple performance video into a colorful, abstract visual experiment. I think it turned out quite well, especially given that it was one of the first videos that I edited.


For one very hot week in May, I worked as a crew member on the AFI short film, "Father". I was the Key PA throughout production and served as an assistant to the Unit Production Manager.